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 Cenote Diving
 Morning Dive
 Night Dive
 Shallow Water Dive
 Wreck Dive (C58)

When booking your dive or snorkel trip, you will be able to change the quantity of divers at checkout.  Remember to let us know when you'll be in Cancun so we can reserve your spot.

We offer dives and snorkel trips in deep water, shallow water, cenotes (caverns), caves and wrecks, with something for every level of SCUBA experience. DVD recordings of your dives are available as an affordable premium--a souvenier to last forever!

If you want to take a dive that isn't listed here, or on a date or time that isn't offered below, just contact us!  We'll be glad to customize a dive for your tastes and schedule and provide you with a unique, personalized experience.

Group discounts are available, and most can be booked at other days and times for groups of three or more. All trips can be led in English or Spanish. (Inquire for other languages.) All trips are rain or shine, except in the case of unsafe weather.

Tanks are included in all SCUBA dives, and all dives are two-tank dives unless noted. You can rent additional equipment for a small fee.  All dives require the appropriate certifications, but no certifications are required for snorkeling.

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Cenote diving

Cenote (sen-oh-tey) diving is a far different experience than open water diving. The water in the caverns is still and without current, and the water can be clear as air until a fin brushes the bottom to stir up sand. The sea life may differ, the air has its own smell, and even the sound below the surface is unique. Nowhere in the open ocean will you dive down and see these stalagtites and rock formations.

Some cenotes of Mexico--large caverns that are open at the top, like water filled shafts into the earth-- even play a part in Mexico's history and the ancient, near-forgotten rites of the Mayas that used to populate the ruins of Chichintiza and Playa del Carmen.

We offer both snorkeling and SCUBA visits to the Mexican cenotes. Each trip comes with with a day's exploration of these underwater caverns, lunch, and round-trip transportation from our location.

Standard availability is Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am. Please visit our store listing for more information.

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Morning Dive

Come dive with us in the beautiful Gulf waters off the coast of Cancun! After a short ride out to sea from our dock, we'll indulge you in three to four hours of open sea diving (two-tank dive). You and your travelling companions can dive to the bottom and see what lives under the seas of Mexico, both fish and flora. An excellent dive for any level of SCUBA experience, no one will be left wanting.

Standard availability is offered at 9 am every morning but Tuesday.

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Night Dive

The night life of Mexico isn't limited to nightclubs. Our boat leaves the dock at sunset (usually around 5 pm in the winter, later in summer) and motors away from the bright artificial lights of the Hotel Zone for a two-hour dive adventure. You'll see the underwater fauna in a whole new light--literally. It's a unique experience you can't replicate anywhere else. (Are flashlights included?)

Standard availability is Wednesday nights at sunset. (Please inquire to find out when we considered "sunset.")

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shallow water dive

If you're new to SCUBA diving and aren't quite ready for deeper waters, our shallow water dive is just the thing for you. A less challenging version of our morning dive, you'll still experience all the brilliance and variety of the fish and coral life of Cancun, but in easier waters.

But veteran divers won't be left wanting, either--you'll still find plenty to marvel at in this underwater "neighborhood." This makes it an exceptional dive for families or groups of mixed experience.

This trip is routinely offered at 1 pm daily.

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Wreck dive: C58

(For experienced divers only.) Sunk in 2002 to create an artificial reef outside of Cancun, the C58 has become a unique scuba diving destination. A decommissioned World War II military minesweeper, it's now home to a wide variety of undersea life native to the Cancun area and is slowly becoming encrusted with coral. In 2005 Hurricane Wilma split the 200-foot ship in half.

Standard availability is Tuesdays at 8 am.

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